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Cat litter smart mat

Cat litter smart mat

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Live without litter scattered everywhere

"I hated walking into the bathroom with the litter digging into my feet. This mat got rid of that" - Naomi L.

Our Cat litter smart mat, it's designed to help contain the litter that is scattered outside the litter box thanks to the double-layered fiber smart mat.

It will actively reduce the amount of litter that your cat's paws is spreading  throughout your homesaving you time and effort by not cleaning your home every day.

The size is large enough to cover the entrance and exit of your pet's litter box, helping you keep your home clean and tidy.

Practical and functional waterproof design

 With its double-layer honeycomb design, the bottom layer is waterproof, there's no need to worry about urine stains or dirt on your hardwood floors.

To collect the litter, you simply pick up the mat and all the cat sand will automatically fall into your pet's box.

It is much more effective and convenient since you are going to recycle the cat sand, saving time and money in going to buy these products again.

Safe and friendly with your pet!

Our Cat litter smart mat has premium materials to make it durable. It is phthalate-free (a must for pets) and our super soft EVA material for your cat's sensitive paws.

When it comes to cleaning it, it is easy, since it is waterproof, and you can get it wet with peace of mind. Also with a vacuum cleaner, you pass it over, and it is ready for use.

In addition, the bottom layer is non-slip, it will stay in one place once you have placed it for easy cleaning.


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